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About Me

Writer, Artist, Wisewoman.

Welcome! Imagine you are in my kitchen in my house on top of a hill.  We hear the chatter of dark-eyed juncos and chickadees through the open window. Something delicious and a touch mysterious is simmering on the stove. The cup of tea you are sipping is comforting and helps to ease your mind.


This is a safe haven. It is a place where you can unwind and just be present. Every corner makes you think of Enchanted Simplicity. A house reveals much about its inhabitants after all, and this house says, "Come in. Welcome. Stay awhile." This is a place brimful of a quiet, yet powerful magic. There is peace here, and gentleness, and love.


 Perhaps I am the old witch in the wood, the one you come to for a bit of friendly advice. Maybe I'm your Fairy Godmother. Either way, pull up a chair and have a seat beside this weird, wise woman. She has a lot of wisdom for you and is always willing to learn from her youngers as well as her elders. 

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