Hi! I'm Caitlin Gemmell, a writer, artist, and wisewoman. You can see a list of my recent publications below. When I'm not writing, I can be found creating art, brewing potions, reading tarot, walking in the woods, and spending time with my cats and farm animals. 

I am a half Australian and half American woman who spent my childhood going back and forth between the USA and England. When I wrote my very first book for a school assignment, I was a seven-year-old child living in Bournemouth, England. I've wanted to be a writer ever since. 

As a culturally confused individual, I've spent my entire life seeking home. I finally found it in my ancestral England, in a little village in the New Forest. One day, I hope to return, to put down roots and have a home that can be passed down through my children and children's children. 

This urge to find my place in the world, and my multi-cultural family background, inspired me to study cultural studies at university. I have a BA in cultural studies from SUNY Empire State College. It was during my time as an undergraduate student that I began to seriously pursue writing as a path to an eventual career. When I studied Memoir Writing, I began to compile a portfolio of work. This eventually led me to enter a Memoir Writing Contest. After receiving notice that I was chosen as one of the winners of the Memoir Writing Contest and that my memoir vignette was included in an anthology, I made a vow with myself that I would pursue writing as a career. It's been a winding road with lots of false starts, but one that has been colorful and at times magical. 

Though my heart was telling me to continue writing, I didn't have the courage to share my work with the entire world. 

I decided to go back to university, this time as a graduate student. During my time at Prescott College, I studied women's spirituality, ecofeminism, ecopsychology, and sense of place. I taught workshops and hosted women's spirituality circles, something I felt I was qualified to do because of my twenty-some years as a tarot reader and my time as a high priestess in a coven in the New Forest more so than my credentials as a graduate student. Eventually, I continued teaching online workshops focused on helping women to find their personal stories and archetypes. The swan maiden and selkie stories were a major part of my personal mythology during this time. I even wrote a full-length novel, Sealskin Jacket, about a woman rediscovering her sealskin. 

After a while, though I loved helping women to find their stories and encouraging them to reweave them into a pattern all their own, my spirit was weary and I realized my heart had been calling me back to my path, my original dream of being a writer. 

Since making the decision to fully embrace my calling as a writer, I have written two full length novels and have published several poems and an independently published collection of poetry. I am actively querying literary agents at this time. This makes me feel exposed and vulnerable, but also peaceful in my spirit and empowered. I know the journey continues. I am fully aware it could take another few years before my novel is published. It doesn't matter. I'm finally on my path, and I'm sticking to it. 

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A Selection of Publications and Awards

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October 2021 issue of Minison Project Zine.

One Sentence Poems, on October 22, 2021.

One Sentence Poems, on October 19, 2021.

Rue Scribe, on October 5, 2021.

First poetry book, Spinning Hair Into Gold, published in 2019.


A winner of 2014 Women's Memoirs Contest with publication in Tales of Our Lives: Fork in the Road edited by Matilda Butler. 


My soft sculpture, Tea-stained Memories, was shown in the online exhibition Shown From Afar: Art during the Pandemic June-July 2020 at Womenswork.Art  Gallery in Poughkeepsie, NY.