Romance the ordinary, and live a life of Enchanted Simplicity.

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Each month (unless I am in the middle of a project) I send my newsletter subscribers an Enchanted Simplicity Letter. Each one is different, but there is a thread that weaves between them. These letters are a bit like receiving old fashioned snail mail, brimful of ephemera. 

They might contain: snippets of my work-in-progress, recipes using wild foraged ingredients (what I call Fairy Food), poems I haven't released anywhere else, my current favorite things (including books, films, music, artworks), beautiful art, a record of my days, nature photos, ideas and tips for living a life of enchanted simplicity.

Sometimes my Enchanted Simplicity Letters contain updates about my writing journey/path to publication, or announce when my poems have been accepted for publication and where you can read them. 

They are always full of love and magic. They are letters from one kindred spirit to another. 

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