Bathing in August's Mellow Warmth.

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

(From the writing journal of Caitlin Gemmell of Enchanted Simplicity)

Summer is winding down. I can already feel the first, faintest traces of autumn--the season of my soul. Do you feel it too? I am bathing in August's mellow warmth. It was cool enough for me to wear leggings and my favorite early-autumn-jumper today. I drank more tea than is good for me as I worked on updating my website, added to my work-in-progress, and began critiquing a friend/writing partner's novel.

Though we (my family) are choosing to remain in quarantine for the most part, and have been for over four months now, I am far from feeling cut-off from humanity. My son and I have settled into a daily rhythm that includes time to read, tea parties, and nature walks. I have sent and received more letters and care parcels since the beginning of the pandemic than I have in many years prior. It's a beautiful, comforting feeling to connect with loved ones from around the world in such a way. It's a slowing down, time to truly honor these sacred connections.

I'm also fortunate to live so close to nature with pet chickens and a stray pig who found her way to us as if by magic as constant companions. I truly am living a life of Enchanted Simplicity lately. It's beautiful.

There are days, of course, when all the dark things happening in the world burrow into my body and brain, and I feel panicky and overwhelmed. A loved one is in the hospital with Covid-19 as I type this, and still some people I know cling to conspiracy theories and fail to acknowledge my sadness and fear. They care more about exerting their personal "rights" over protecting the community at large.

I move away from these shadows and choose to share my inner light. I choose compassion and kindness, respect for all life. I play it safe to protect the people I love, and those I have never met. It doesn't matter how I feel about you, or if I don't know you at all--I don't want you to have to deal with what I am dealing with right now as I watch (from afar) my loved one struggle with this horrible virus.

There has been time to dream, write, read. My WIP promises to grow into a solid book I feel confident publishing. I lose myself in the world I am creating, and feel disappointed that these characters are only real on the page. I so want to have a cup of tea with Moira, let Haruko mother me, or ask Frank's advice.

Living in a rural setting has been such a blessing as I can pretend to be the wise old witch in a fairy tale cottage as I go about harvesting the herbs I planted and the ones that grow wild on this land. I've crafted infused oils, salves, tea blends, and potions. It also means that I am fairly isolated and have rarely seen another soul (other than my family) since the pandemic hit.

Summertime is typically my most social time of year (that's not saying a lot, as I tend to be a hermit), but this year I haven't had the chance to spiral out into the world in the time between Eostre and Lammas. And now, in the few days past the first harvest, I feel the energy begin to draw in once more. How will this affect me? Will I crave company in winter, the time of year when I normally lean into the stillness? Only time will tell.

August is that beautiful in-between time, when the earth begins to quieten, but the summer magic remains. I'm content for now. I hope you are too.


Caitlin of Enchanted Simplicity

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