Creation Myth

I slip through the autumn mist as

a cacophony of starlings

greet me

howdy darlin

we see you

radiant lioness hidden beneath a

(dull) hag cloak

Why do you dim your beauty

when all the world loves pretty?

I pause, then answer “I do not agree,

the world is obsessed with beauty true,

but few faithfully love deep to the marrow

I wear a cloak of invisibility for a simple reason

to remain free

sparrows are at liberty to fly anytime they desire

whilst flashy canaries are ensnared in cages

There are few who see me true

right down to my veins

stand beside me as I wax and wane

run wild and allow me to slip away

become one with the mist and rain

you see my soul as few are wont to do

therefore allow me to join you

I will gift you my voice

so you may chronicle my story

translate my sighs

carry me over the seas

and across the skies

the starlings readily agreed

and that is how they learned

to sing mythology

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