Ritual of Love and Loss

have you ever had tea with the birds

way up in a nest?

have you ever laughed 'til your belly


felt silver flames warm your chest?

have you ever cried a sea of tears

in a birch grove in a wood?

the same place you buried your heart

the morning he left for good?

red silk threads left behind

with discarded cups of chai

rose petal beads

tenderly placed in the earth,

an offering the land wights

accepted with a sigh.

have you ever felt nothing

under your feet

when you looked down at the ground?

have you ever allowed

a comforting hand on your back?

silent gesture is louder

than any sound.

Poem from "Spinning Hair Into Gold" copyright 2019.

It took tremendous lion's courage for me to start sharing my poetry on this blog, even though the above poem has already been published in "Spinning Hair Into Gold." I started this blog as a way of sharing my poems, story threads, news about my writing, and any other magical puzzle pieces. This will be my online writer's notebook.

Tell me what you think of "Ritual of Love and Loss" in a comment, and take a moment to subscribe to my email list for updates about my path to publication. I hope my fairytale and animist poetry speaks to you.

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