The House of Belonging

I recently read the most beautiful book of poems called The House of Belonging. It started a whole train of thoughts for me about my own sense of place and belonging (or lack thereof).

I’ve come to the conclusion that belonging has everything to do with those things that set your soul on fire, make your light shine brighter, heart beat faster, flood you with an ocean wave of calm. To really belong you must feel really truly seen, and safe, secure, held.

There have been times in my life when I felt I belonged, and times when I felt I had to remain hidden, my power diminished to insubstantial vapor. When we can express ourselves fully and freely without fear is when we belong. It’s when we have to hold back, for whatever reason, that we feel displaced.

These are just some rambling thoughts that have yet to bloom. I thought I’d share them anyway in case you can get something from them.

Tell me, do you feel you belong? Have you found your place?

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