Things in Jars—book review

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Jess Kidd’s “Things in Jars” is a dark tale spun with magic, intrigue, and a hint of the bizarre.

Bridie is a tiny, yet fierce female detective in Victorian era London. She smokes a pipe, is well-versed in human anatomy; and is often accompanied by her extraordinarily tall, bewhiskered housemaid and a mysterious ghost.

Her last case didn’t go too well, so she’s rather anxious to solve this next mystery surrounding a kidnapped girl. This girl isn’t any ordinary child though; rumor has it she’s a merrow—a creature similar to a mermaid but with needle-like teeth.

Bridie’s past returns to haunt her as she goes about attempting to retrieve the missing girl, and unearthing clues as to her true identity. At the same time, she slowly begins to piece together the identity of her faithful ghost companion who she’s rather fond of without knowing why he’s so familiar.

This book was phenomenal. Each character was brought to life in the most vivid way. I don’t know which character I loved most—Bridie, the ghost (Ruby), the housemaid (Cora), or even Prudhoe with his ravens.

It was dark and at times disturbing, but there was just enough humor and tinges of hope to make this one of those rare books that one won’t easily forget.

Thank you to NetGalley for gifting me this e-book for review purposes.

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